Cabinet exterior design (rough draft)

This is a rough draft of the exterior design for the cabinet. The details aren’t there and some things may change. What it did tell me though is that this speaker can’t be built with a single 4’x8′ sheet of MDF, so I’m looking at 3 sheets for a pair of speakers. Ouch. Well, at least there will be room for error.

  • A: Sides of speaker (outside) x2
  • B: Sides of speaker (inside) x2
  • C: Diagonal fronts (woofers) x2
  • D: Front x1
  • E: Back x1
  • F, G: Inside baffles, not shown
  • H: Top, bottom (inside) x2
  • I: Top, bottom (outside) x2
Dimensions of sides

A: Sides (facing out); B: Sides (facing in)


Dimensions of front and diagonal sections

C: Diagonal; D: Front


Dimensions of back

E: Back


Dimensions of the top and bottom

H: Top/Bottom (inside); I: Top/Bottom (outside)


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