The wood is here!

I’ve decided. The speakers will be Cherry. I’ve taken delivery of 3 sheets of 3/4″ pre-veneered Cherry MDF, 2 sheets of plain 3/4″ MDF, 2 sheets of 1/2″ plain MDF and a sheet of 18 mm Baltic Birch. In each case it is one sheet more than I need for a pair, if I make no mistakes. In the case of the pre-veneered Cherry, there are only millimeters to spare. I’m sure in the TDL cabinet shop this was no problem; my chance of success is zero. So at a cost of over $500.00, I have what I hope will be all the wood I need. They will be considerably better looking than the originals. This picture doesn’t do the Cherry justice – I took the picture right at sunset, so the grain isn’t captured very well.

Photo of Cherry veneer

Sample of pre-veneered MDF to be used in construction


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