Proof of concept crossover complete

My goal was not to make a proper crossover, but rather to convince myself a crossover existed that would reasonably blend the upper three drivers (I’ve already decided it will be at least bi-amped) and have an acceptable impedance curve. I’ve been worried about the latter given that most drivers these days are 4 ohm and it is almost impossible to find any drivers over 8 ohms. Here is what I ended up with – a 4th order LR @ 2.2kHz and the super tweeter coming in at about 13kHz, 1st order.

Graph of frequency response

CALSOD model of frequency response for a proof of concept crossover


Graph of impedance

CALSOD model of impedance for a proof of concept crossover

The frequency response is quite acceptable, with the only major glitch being the notch at about 1.4kHz. That is in the woofer response and not a crossover anomaly. I’d have to look at a lower crossover point and/or a gentler slope to allow the tweeters to help fill that in. We’ll see. The impedance stays above 5 ohms until about 13kHz, so it shouldn’t be a difficult a load.

So I’d say mission accomplished.


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