Getting a Woody!

Boy, it has been over a month since I’ve posted! Most of the past month focused on adding to my woodworking tools. I’ll go into more details in future posts, but here is a quick overview of all the great new (and used) equipment I’ve added:

Used table saw with router table extension

Craigslist table saw with router table extension


Delta dust collector

Delta dust collector for table saw and router table


Router table and new clamps

With two routers, I can leave one in the router table while keeping my DeWalt plunge router for hand use. I picked up a bunch of new clamps too.

I’ve also had to spend time building a cross-cut sled, a push stick, a 135 degree angle jig… More about these in a future post.


One thought on “Getting a Woody!

  1. Hi Frank,
    Plans for TDL RSTL were better presented in Klang & Ton Spezial Nr.2. These ‘Spezials’ were editions of the Magazine in addition to the normal periodicals. There are also extensive plans and build instructions, 9 pages, in another Hi-Fi speaker building book published in Germany; HiFi-Boxenheft, at present I am not sure which edition.
    Regards, Nick.

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