Go deep!

In my previous post, I mentioned a discussion about this project on the diyAudio site. One comment referenced an analysis by Martin J. King (http://www.quarter-wave.com/), widely regarded to have the best transmission line modeling software available. He stated that Dr. King had found “Dalines” (what G. L. Augspurger calls “Pipe with Coupling Chamber” ?) inferior to designs. I did find this reference on diyAudio that supports his statement.

Without further ado, here is my model of the Tang Band W8Q-1071F in a RSTL line. Could there be something better? Maybe. Does this strike me as a configuration that will have deep bass? Yes. Am I worried about the dip at 100Hz? Not really – right now I expect I’ll have an active crossover at or below 100Hz, so I’m not at all concerned. Should I go full passive, I’ll have to review my stuffing plans.

Image of TangBand response graph in RSTL

Simulation of TangBand behavior in the RSTL line


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