Prototype shell!

I went to a one-day workshop on finishing techniques for wood a few months back. If I take nothing else away, it was worth it for this one thing – the strong advice to always make test samples first. This seemed like just too much work in this case, but finally I decided to go ahead. While there is much more to do, I finally completed an outer shell this past weekend:

Outer shell of

A prototype for the outer shell for the RSTLM. It’s constructed¬†from leftover pieces from my previous speaker project.

While I have a lot more work to do, I’ve already learned so much from the process I’m sold on the advice. Also, it is interesting to finally have a concrete view of the size of these. Until I saw it for real, I didn’t really know what they’d be like.


2 thoughts on “Prototype shell!

  1. I always look forward to each update.† Ive wanted to see/hear a pair of these for over 5 yrs now especially after finding a ‘clone’ pair of TLS80’s which introduced me to the glourious sounds of a good transmission line.† In the mantime I have built a pair of Cambridge R50, heavily modified to attempt to reproduce the alleged bass of the TDL Reference….everyone that hears them are astounded on the bass ive acheived.

    Have you finalised the internal design/plans yet….im itching to start on a build over the winter.† I will be using KEF B139 bass drivers, and B110 mids, probably with a single KEF T27 tweeter

    Keep up the good work



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