The astute reader will notice I haven’t posted for the better part of two months. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that I’ve started a new job that takes much more of my time than my old job (60+ hours vs. 40 hours). I love my job at @Pay, but it seriously cuts back on my free time. Secondly, I suffered a series of setbacks in the form of broken pieces (and hence spirits). Both the woofer panels and M-T-ST-T-M panel get quite thin where the driver countersink diameter is the widest. If such a piece falls over flat against a cement garage floor, it can split right in two, taking hours of cutting, routing and so on with it.

The top half of what was the prototype M-T-ST-T-M section of the cabinet

I cut the panel shown slightly too narrow, exasperating the problem. A similar fate befell (ha!) a woofer section, it also breaking in two when it happened to fall over. Once supported by the rest of the cabinet structure, this won’t be a problem, but as free-standing structures they are fragile! I am going to reduce the depth of the countersink on the woofers to increase the strength of the panels.


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