I’ve made progress the last two weeks – finishing all the front cuts except for the midrange port. I’ve also made progress on the inner baffling (see also An Elephant in the Room).

Speaker cabinet picture

Latest front of view of prototype


Rear-view of cabinet

Rear view display installed internal baffles so far



An Elephant in the Room

Until now I’ve ignored one of the biggest cabinet problems – the Tang Band woofers are much deeper than TDL/Elac drivers used in the RSTL. How much deeper? Deep enough that I have to cut holes in the vertical dividers between the woofer and midrange sections to allow the woofer magnets room. Of course the woofer and midrange sections should not be open to one another, so I’ll need to build some sort of “cup” to cover over the hole from the midrange side. I didn’t design the hole size via a CAD system, but rather determined it empirically by cutting, trying to seat the woofer and repeat until it fit. I’m confident now I can make it work, but it certainly doesn’t appear in the original plans!

Photo of speaker internals

Hole cut in divider between woofer and midrange chambers to accommodate the depth of the woofers