Progress has been slow in recent times as it has been too cold to hang out in the garage. Still, there has been progress, especially on fitting the internal baffling:

Image of speaker internals

Front baffle (outlined in blue) for the woofer transmission line

Notice also that the final section of the midrange line (running along the bottom of the speaker) is also in place.

Image of speaker internals

Rear baffle (outlined in blue) of woofer transmission line. Arrows show lower dividers between woofer and midrange lines.

The rear baffle is angled, so this was trickier than the front baffle, especially fitting the dividers (which are necessarily trapezoidal).

Image of speaker internals

Upper section (outlined in blue) of one divider between the woofer and midrange lines

A little work remains to get the upper dividers just right. All that’s left then is seating the back, then the  “fitting” is done. Yippee! So far there have been slight changes to dimensions that I’ll update. Due to the extra accommodation for the woofer depth, the upper dividers will likely be done a little differently than what’s shown.


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