I just had to get a peak at what it was going to look like loaded up. Nice! Note also my wonderful assistant, whose support both in the shop and out is instrumental to the success of this project. 🙂

Image of external view of the speaker

Gloria demonstrating the prototype with the drivers mounted


8 thoughts on “Pretty

  1. Hi, Frank…

    Another off-the-wall comment or two… Here goes. Putting something like “Vibrapods” under the cabinets of the RSTL does transform the sound of these speakers. Therefore, incorporating some sort of standard threading for speaker spikes would be a good idea.

    Though the design no longer would closely resemble the original, using the drivers (and XO) in this speaker:

    in the massive TL cabinets might work very well and create a very realistic sounding speaker.
    I would be very interested in purchasing cabinet drawings should you ever decide to make them available. Thanks. Fascinating project.

    • Hi Tim,

      I believe someone told me that you’re a “connoisseur” of this speaker – that you’ve owned several (perhaps you still do?) Is this true? In any event I’ll take your comments about the Vibrapods to heart and make provisions for them (and other options too). I’d love to hear whatever other insights you’d care to share. I’ve actually never heard a pair of RSTLs. 😦

      The Philharmonic 3 looks interesting. Looking at:

      It would seem they’ve already designed a pretty optimal cabinet for that driver. -3dB @ 25Hz is pretty exceptional for an 8″ driver. I’d think a bigger woofer and/or multiples are required to go deeper (though this model doesn’t take room gain into consideration, so I’m not sure you want any more extension) or achieve higher output. That is where the RSTL-inspired speaker will be complete overkill for me – a pair of 9×12 (about a 10″ equivalent) woofers per cabinet with high x-max – will move a lot of air. Way more than my domicile will support comfortably.

      I won’t consider selling my design, but I will give it away. I’d never have gotten this far without the generosity of many others. I’m almost far enough along with the prototype that I think I know what should actually “work”. I’ll get something up as soon as I get the last bits finalized.

  2. Hi,

    I currently own one pair of the original RSTL’s, and i’m thinking about building at least 1 more pair as well with upgraded drivers and crossovers. Possebly 2 pairs + 1 center for a massive surround in the future.
    I would really really love to get my hands on your final design and measurements so i can build my own pair with the same drivers you’re using.
    Would also be very interesting to hear how they sound side by side with the originals.

    Please let me know if you’re willing to sell or give away your design. 🙂

    Jan Erik

  3. From your beautiful and seriously admired page I got the impression you are the right person to help me realizing my dream/project once again.
    I did built already myself in my life twice the famous TDL RSTL but due to my movements all over Africa in the past 40 years I had no other choice than to leave them behind. One pair still serves in Ghana, another in Morocco.
    Anyway, I want to build another pair here in Zambia, (the final in my live for the retirement) but find it difficult to get all the units together, specially with our remoteness here 600 km from the capital of one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Like this,
    but the originals.
    Or buy two RSTL if they are in good shape and ship them here.

    Hence if someone is willing to take the challenge to collect the different units incl. Celestions HF and of course all necessary wool, foam, vibrapods and and…….

    If you are interested or you know somebody who might be, kindly let me know.

    Best regards

    Rainer from Germany/Zambia now

    • Hi Rainer,
      As you might guess from my lack of posts here in recent months (years!), I abandoned the TDL project, at least for the time being. What happened was I went to the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival in 2013 and fell in love with Sigfried Linkwitz’s LX-521: I still have the parts I collected for the RSTLs, but have not worked on them in 2014 or so far in 2015. Mine were never meant to be an exact copy though – just a speaker inspired by the RSTL. Way back in my first post I discussed some of the drivers I was collecting at the time for the build. Your goal of building with the original drivers in considerably more ambitious yet. Good luck to you!

      • Hi Frank, do you still habve the RSTL units, I am bound to built another set, or buy a pair in mint condition from somewhere.

        Best regards Rainer

      • Hi Rainer,

        As my goal was to create an RSTL inspired speaker, not a RSTL clone, the drivers I’d collected to use in the prototype were a Vifa supertweeter, SB Acoustics tweeters and mids, and Tang Band woofers. So they won’t be of any use to you in making a clone I’m afraid. From time to time I do see parts show up at Falcon Acoustics, but I imagine you’re already well aware of them.

        Good luck in finding parts. While they do become available occasionally, it is certainly an exercise in patience and determination. 🙂

        Best regards,

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