The good news is that I got a chance over the holiday weekend to cut and bevel (but not route) a new woofer panel and to cut and route (except for the TL terminus) the center section. With a number of “L” brackets, pieces are now held  in place nice and tight. While it looks like a step backward from 2 months ago, overall it is actually progress. Really. 🙂

The new prototype shell, 3/4 view


New prototype shell, front view


5 thoughts on “Resurrected

  1. I own a pair of TDL Reference Standard speakers I bought in 1994. They are still in perfect condition. I use them in my home theater now. I would like to buy or build a center channel with characteristics that match my Reference Standards. Any ideas?

    • Hi Forrest do you have the reference standard or the reference standard M?? As the centre channel will be different for each you can tell the difference from the Midrange drivers are your chassis circular or do they have four ears for the screws that take them out in the corners??
      Kind regards

  2. hi i have been following your progress for a while on these and wondered if you ever actualy finished them?? What did they sound like when completed, how did you deal with the lining in the lines, I have owned 5 pairs of these over the years and they are trully amazing speakers, If you have not finished yours would you consider selling as a going project??
    Kind regards

  3. Geoffrey, Believe it or not I just saw you question. Sorry for the long delay in responding. I have I have the Reference Standard speakers without the M upgrade. If you or anyone else on the forum has a diagram of the crossover with capacitor values I would appreciate access to a copy. I need to update capacitors after 23 years.

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